What are electric motor and electric motor

2020-09-02 10:29

Electric motorcycle is the abbreviation of electric motorcycle. According to the national standard, electric motorcycle refers to the electric vehicle with motor more than 500W.

Advantages of electric motorcycle: high power, high speed, 12 tube controller, the speed can reach 55km / h, and the climbing ability is strong. Most electric motorcycle manufacturers use vacuum tire, and the tire has wide anti-skid function, which is not easy to sideslip. The continuous running ability of the tire is better than that of the electric vehicle. The discharge current is too large, the battery life is short, and the driving mileage is much smaller. Generally, the battery of 48v20ah is feasible for about 55km The battery life is about 10 months, so it is recommended that the battery of electric motorcycle should be above 64v20ah or 48v24ah

Advantages of electric vehicles: on the contrary, with 6-9 tube controller, it can save power and last a long time. Relatively speaking, the economic 48v20ah battery with 9-tube 350 motor can drive about 75KM, and the service life is about 3 years. The mileage is the limit value. The battery is easy to be damaged due to power loss.

There are two ways to distinguish the electric power of the motor: 1? 5) Working current I (?)? A) The product of these two terms is the corresponding power value?? W)。 Some electric motors are directly marked with electric power on their nameplates. 2. Experimental method, let the motor run at the rated voltage, measure the actual current - according to P = UI, the greater the voltage and current value, the greater the power.

The w degree of general electric motor is larger than that of ordinary motor. The motors commonly used in electric motorcycle electric vehicles can be divided into: Digital high-efficiency frequency conversion motor, 800W full disc motor, 1500W motor, V8 nuclear magnetic power motor, etc.

Electric vehicle in the use or riding process often encounter the problem of motor does not rotate, understand a little electric vehicle motor does not turn the solution, good to ensure your trip smoothly. Disconnect the power-off plug of the controller brake, and then turn the electric handle. When the car rotates, it is judged that the brake switch is broken, which has caused a short circuit fault, so the brake switch should be replaced. If the car does not turn, then use a good speed control knob to replace the original one. If the car rotates, then judge: the original speed control handle has been broken, resulting in the electric car does not rotate, should be replaced with a new handle.