What are the motor name plate data and rating?

2020-09-02 10:43

The model on the motor name plate is the product code of the series, performance, protective structure and rotor type of the motor. What are the data and rating of the motor nameplate? The following is explained by the staff of the motor manufacturer, hoping to help you.

1. Working quota: refers to the duration of motor operation.

2. Standard number: the basis of technical documents for motor design.

3. Excitation voltage: refers to the excitation voltage (V) of synchronous motor at rated operation.

4. Excitation current: refers to the excitation current (a) of synchronous motor at rated operation.

5. Insulation grade: the grade of motor insulation material, which determines the allowable temperature rise of motor.

6. Frequency: refers to the frequency of AC power supply connected to the motor, which is 50 Hz ± 1 in China

7. Current: the three-phase line current of stator winding when the motor is under rated voltage and rated frequency and output rated power.

8. Power: refers to the rated mechanical power output on the motor shaft during rated operation, unit kW or HP, 1HP = 0.736kw.

9. Speed: the speed per minute (R / min) of motor under rated voltage, rated frequency and rated load, and the synchronous speed of two pole motor is 2880 / min.

10. Voltage: the line voltage (V) directly to the stator winding. There are two connection methods of the motor, Y-shaped and △ shaped. The connection method shall be consistent with the connection method specified on the motor nameplate, so as to adapt to the rated voltage.

The above is about the motor name plate data and rating is what the content, if there is anything you don't know, you can communicate with our customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.